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Project called for the creation of new art for UCF Football with emphasis on explosive elements which represent the new style of play, fast and fierce. I created custom Photoshop brushes, rendered faux shattered glass (seen in the first set of image), sparks, light rays, and created a faux visor on the player. The first image is entitle UCFast – Cotton Candy. The second set of images represent the style of defensive play, Fierce, while the first set represents the style of offensive play, Fast. #UCFast #UCFierce. Feel free to download.

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UCF Spring Football 2016


UCFast Wallpaper

UCFast Facebook Cover

UCFast Facebook Cover - alternate

UCFast Wallpaper 2

UCFierce Facebook Cover

UCFierce Wallpaper

Phone background wallpapers. Click to download.


UCFast Phone Wallpaper

UCFierce Phone Wallpaper