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Logo package put together for UCF Football. Consists of a logo wordmark, and an animated version of the logo for video and various media uses.

Rise & Conquer is a slogan for UCF Football intended as a daily reminder that nothing can hold you down, and that you must do in order to accomplish your goals.

I sketched out the logo and outlined it Adobe Illustrator. From there I went on to craft it into what you see above.  Had a hard time getting the angle right at first. It seemed as it the logo needed to “rise” from the left to the right, to show the action of the words…Rise!

From there I was asked to create an animated video intro for football collateral. Using Adobe After Effects, I created the animation with the intention of emphasizing the action of the words again but now that I’m in motion graphics territory, I am able to pull it off but rising the sword, and the letters in “Rise”.  A few audio plugs and we have us motion graphic logo.

For the application of the logo, I kept it as simple as this.



Rise & Conquer