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3rd time’s the charm.  This is my latest installment for University of Florida Track & Field Team, the 2013 Florida Track & Field Poster.  For the last 3 years I was fortunate to be chosen to design their Track posters.  Every time, a new design, a new flavor, a new team.

This time around I did something different, which sort of set my new design style, which may be visible on my art from Oct. 2012 and on.

The Design

I got a new set of brushes for this canvas…Photoshop brushes. Did some experimenting and at one point I felt like this was an abstract piece, but hey, every time i see it say “Awesome.” This was layer upon layer upon layer of filters and brush effects, touch ups and masking.

Completed: Nov 2012

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***I don’t have the posters to distribute.

  • 2013 Florida Track & Field Poster

  • Florida Track Poster 13