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Cabidor is an award-winning, patented product which allows you to hang a “storage closet” from any door.  The site allows U.S. patent holder, Cabidor, to sell its product from anywhere in the world, via their website at  This invention is credited to Hingenuity, INC., and went on sale in 2010.

This project was my second web project, which also was CMS deficient.  The idea here was to make it POP, make it so that you feel there’s something interesting on this page…  It was later converted to add a shopping cart. I must say it is a very genius product, but I’m not here to cast an opinion, just to show off MY product, the website at

*Project has been updated January 20, 2013;  website has been redesigned and an updated ordering process.

This project was managed under Track Phi Productions, with Founder Jon Tietz, a colleague of mine.

Project Toolbox

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, FileZilla, PHP, HTML, JQUERY


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