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A 3D full-scale model of an Anderson Mobile Estate, with a custom exterior wrap.  Designed in Cinema 4D, with texture and bump maps created in Photoshop.  As with every Anderson Mobile Estate, the base model is a bare trailer with no interior or exterior paint job; this project required me to design the interior layout ( kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bar, color scheme ), and the exterior wrap of this trailer.

Render times varied from 10 mins to 45 mins, using a custom built PC which has a water-cooled, quad-core Intel Sandy-Bridge i7 processor.

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RedBull Trailer-rearA2Redbull Trailer - frontDS-A1Redbull Trailer - rearA2-closed

  • Redbull Trailer - passenger exterior -open
  • Redbull Trailer - interiro
  • redbull_interior-level2(1)
  • redbull_interior-kitchen(1)
  • redbull_interior-kitchen(2)
  • redbull_interior-bathroom(1)
  • redbull_interior-backroom(1)