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UCF Football has come leaps and bounds.  What better way to mark the end of their successful campaign in the C-USA conference, by filling seats at every game!! This billboard was designed just for that purpose.

This billboard was installed in two locations in the Central Florida area. I got the chance to see it and it made me tingle inside…

The Design

The final design came with only 2 revisions; the text was the issue here…what do we really want to say, and how to get that across with as few words as possible?

I went with a contrasting yellow (the player’s jersey) over the black background…some say they didn’t notice the football stadium in the background…when others commented on how cool it was.

I created a custom filter to give the blast/particle effect, along with some brushes in Photoshop.

For more information on UCF Football, visit, or visit UCF Athletics online.

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