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UCF Cross Country Poster 2012 - post

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UCF Cross Country has their poster in! Features the senior as well as two other top runners. Also includes the UCF  “Finish” theme.  I mainly like this version over the official because of the layout…only difference is the position of the girls.

The Concept

Emphasize the spirit of cross country with the sprites representing the splash of mud and dirt, and the flags are there for two reasons; to emphasize the “Finish” theme..get it? Finish line has flags?? I hope didn’t lose you. And the other reason for the flags is that every XC race has flags lining the course.

For more information, visit the UCF Cross Country webpage or

  • (Unofficial Version)
  • UCF Cross Country Poster (unofficial)
  • Official Version
  • UCF Cross Country Poster 2012